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Armored Security and Courier Services

Gem City Armored Security in Quincy, IL, offers experienced and highly trained armed money courier services. Whether you have a relatively small shipment of cash or valuables or a large shipment of money to move to another location, we help to ensure it is done legally and safely.

We have provided timely and efficient logistical services for clients who need cash, coins, checks, jewelry, and other valuable items from your location to another. Our secure armored trucks and highly trained and vetted guards help to protect your cash, coin, and valuables.

We are fully licensed, trained, and capable of protecting your cash and valuables with exceptional money courier and armored car services.


How Our Money Courier Services Help

Our money courier services help you stay safe while your cash and valuables undergo transport. We minimize the potential threats to your cash and valuables with highly trained and experienced professional money couriers.

We also help with the logistics of moving your cash, precious metals, and other valuables with:

  • Coin wrapping
  • Branch-to-branch transfers
  • Deposit pickups
  • Change orders
  • Commercial courier services

No matter what kind of courier services you need, we can help to protect your cash and valuables. That is especially important when crime rates are rising and robberies are occurring in a more brazen and violent fashion. Regular movement of cash and other valuables away from your property helps to reduce the potential for becoming a victim of targeted criminal activity.

How Our Armored Truck Services Help

The armored truck is an iconic symbol of security and protection across the country. It also is a sign of professional protective services for your cash, coins, and valuables, including precious metals.

Our armored truck services can provide one-time or recurring transportation for your cash and valuables. We can help you with the frequency, timing, and collection of the cash or valuables you want us to transport.

Our armored security teams are licensed for commercial driving and have firearms permits and training. Instead of taking chances with your valuables and possibly your life, we can protect both with professional armored truck services.

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Gem City Armored Security in Quincy has more than 20 years of experience helping local businesses, organizations, and individuals with professional money courier and armored car services. We can provide you with the best courier and armored car services, call us to see if we provide service to your location. You can contact us online or give us a call to learn more. We are open from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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